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Senior Pass Price Won't Jump To $80 Until October 1


The $80 price tag for a Senior Pass to the National Park System won't take effect until October 1.

Lose your Senior Pass to the National Park System and need a new one? Turning 62 soon and hope to buy your lifetime Senior Pass before the $10 fee jumps to $80? Relax, you all have time.

Thomas Crosson, the chief spokesman for the National Park Service, said Monday that the higher fee won't take effect until October 1, the start of Fiscal 2018 for the federal government.

The $80 fee was included in the National Park Service Centennial Act that Congress passed late last year. In the long run the increase in cost is being counted on to greatly help the Park Service address its estimated $12 billion maintenance backlog.

Seniors who don't want to pay $80 could purchase an annual pass for $20; if they then keep four years' worth of $20 receipts they could exchange them for a lifetime pass. 

The National Park Service Centennial Act, drafted by U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, calls for the deposit of up to $10 million generated from all Park Service sales of America The Beautiful - The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Passes into a Second Century Endowment for the Park Service to be managed by the National Park Foundation. Any revenues above $10 million would be deposited into a Centennial Challenge fund for projects in the parks. However, those dollars would need to be matched by private dollars before they could be spent.

To purchase a pass, go to this page.


If you already have a senior pass will it still be valid after October?


id like to purchase just the $10 Senior pass and not a kit. Is there a link for this ?

Is my senior pass still a life time pass like it says on the back of my card?

At what age may one purchase a Senior Anual Pass for $20?

At age 62 Nana, but prior to Oct 1 it will still be $10 for a lifetime pass. Yes, Roberta, your pass is a lifetime pass.

I'm 80 years old and disabled. After Oct. 1 well I lose my lifetime pass if I can not pay the 80 dallars to renew it?

Kurt - I suggest you post this link in the original article. It might shortcut alot of (redundant) questions.

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