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New Online Venue For Purchase Of Senior Pass To National Parks


New online option for purchasing Senior Pass to national parks/NPS

The National Park Service has partnered with digital government services provider NIC Inc. to offer an alternative online option for seniors to purchase their America the Beautiful – Senior Pass. The pass provides lifetime admission for U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 years of age and older to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by six federal agencies.

Developed in conjunction with the National Park Service, YourPassNow provides a digital solution that allows visitors to purchase their park entrance passes online. YourPassNow will temporarily extend the same convenience of online purchasing to seniors when purchasing the Senior Pass.

Senior Passes may be purchased through YourPassNow. Each Senior Pass is priced at $10 through August 27. The cost increases to $80 on August  28.

Those who order a Senior Pass through YourPassNow will receive their passes by mail. Due to the high demand for the Senior Pass, passes will be received approximately 12 weeks after they are purchased. While recipients wait for the pass to arrive in the mail, they may use the emailed order confirmation as proof of pass purchase. At staffed park locations, individuals will also be required to present a government-issued photo ID.


National monuments are also run by the National Park Service, Kym.

It is actually a National Monument but yes it is in the National Park system.

I am 61 years old. Will turn 62,  next year.  Any chance I can purchase my senior pass now?  Before the rate change? Really hope I can, 70.00 increase is just so unreasonable.  I fear that no one will go to any of them at that price.


WNash, no you actually have to BE 62 to purchase the pass.  No early purchase allowed, not even one day before your 62nd birthday.  

Gee, How Thoughtful you are, Just Remember you will be that Age in the Future and you would Hope no one would talk about YOU that way.

At our small, non-fee Historic Site we have sold in excess of 3,000 Senior passes in the last month. A normal year is about 200. The stress on a small staff has been intense-we are getting constant (and I mean constant) calls, to the point that normal calls to the park are not getting through. We have about 100 left (expect them to be gone tomorrow) with 500 more on order. After that we are done and will have to deal with the angry late comers. The thought of spending an extra $10 to get the pass on line seems to be sacrelidge. Many of the people don't even know what the pass is for-they just heard that something that costs $10 now will be $80 soon and they must have it.

During the period when we ran out and thought we could get no more (had been told that by Washington) we had people call both the regional office and members of Congress complaining. Now my staff knows what it is like to be at a mojor retailer on Black Friday :). I fully expect to have to call the police on an irate senior in the final days after we run out.

Actually, Mount Rushmore is a National Memorial, not a National Monument.

Looking forward to many travels across our country.

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