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Hurricane Irma Thrashed Virgin Islands National Park


A report from Virgin Islands National Park in the wake of Hurricane Irma describes the island of St. John as suffering "total devastation."

The report, relayed through a ranger at Biscayne National Park, was from a ranger at Virgin Islands.

"I stayed in park housing with others and we are all safe. Our houses are destroyed and we see that another hurricane is on the way," said the ranger. "We are hoping to be evacuated if we can figure out a way. Total devastation to the island. Our houses and structures are not habitable..We know the employees with us (about 20) are OK, but don't yet know about the rest. We will update when we can. Please send prayers and help!"

Normal Park Service channels were not functioning Thursday evening, and there was no update on Virgin Islands National Park's website or Facebook page.

According to the Virgin Islands Consortium media outlet, the hurricane unleashed "most of its damage on the St. Thomas-St. John District in the U.S. Virgin Islands."

A Facebook page set up specifically for information regarding Hurricane Irma and damage to the U.S. Virgin Islands carried numerous posts of family members looking for friends and loved ones.


Does the National Park Services have resources to send out to St. John to help with the clean-up from hurricane Irma?  Please advise as to the park's role and what volunteers can do to assist.  Thank you so much.

I helped out after Hurricane Hugo.  I'm tring to see how my friend Thomas Kelley who is a Marine-Biologist at the National Park is doing and his home and his wife. Also let me know how Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church Father Anthony and the Secretary Somiaia. my e-mail is [email protected] and my cell is 973.477.7548. Praying for all.

I lived on St. Croix during Hugo......which is why I moved back to my native state of CA!!   Hugo was HORRIFIC & MISERABLE x's 100!

Everyone put their money where their mouths are!  Funding has been greatly slashed for our National Parks!  Our Nat'l Parks & AUDUBON has & will be getting relief monies from my husband & I.

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL would/will not be beautiful, without wildlands & wildlife.

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