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Content matters. Without it, we'd struggle to understand a concept, gain greater awareness of an issue, and be left with unanswered questions. But that content has to be crafted, and that requires an investment.

Every day of the year National Parks Traveler brings you content to inform and educate, content that we're determined to make available for all so as to increase advocacy, stewardship, and support for the parks. That's why we ask for your support.

Our goal is to provide more content like:

* Rebisoning the West and Yellowstone's Brucellosis Stigma

* Battling A Pest To Save A Majestic Tree

* The National Mall: Contents Under Pressure

Millions Found Their Park In 2016, And Now Park Staff Are Struggling To Manage Them

Sandy Solitude On Memorial Day

* Exploring Paradise In Three Days

* Organ Pipe Cactus: A Sonoran Desert Treasure

We'll continue to offer routine stories that revolve around actually visiting parks, such as campground openings and closings, stargazing programs, and where to look for wildlife in the parks. But our goal is to explore more deeply and broadly topics and wonders that make the National Park System so incredible, and to introduce new voices that bring thought-provoking columns to help us better understand the parks and the parks movement.

To show your support of the Traveler and interest in this sort of content, we ask that you consider signing up for a recurring monthly tax-deductible donation to the Traveler. It's easy, painless, and will help keep you informed.

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How can I do a continuing contributrion without PayPal?

I'm afraid at this point you'd have to write a check a month, Rick.

Thanks for the reply, Kurt.


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