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Work Begins On Alluvial Fan Trail In Rocky Mountain National Park


Torrential rains in September 2013 washed out the Alluvial Fan footbridge/NPS

In Rocky Mountain National Park construction is beginning on a new accessible pedestrian trail in the Alluvial Fan area between the existing east and west parking lots with a new bridge across the Roaring River.  The construction is expected to last through next fall. 

While construction is taking place, there will be closures in the sections where the park’s trail crew is working.  The crew will first complete the trail leading from the east parking lot to the bridge crossing. Then, the crew will complete the trail from the west parking lot to the bridge crossing. Finally, the crew will complete the bridge connecting the two trail sections.  Areas of the trail will close or open according to this project schedule.  Some parking spaces will be closed in the Alluvial Fan east or west parking lots, when needed for the staging of equipment and supplies.

 The Alluvial Fan was created as a result of the Lawn Lake Dam break and major flood in 1982. In 1985, an asphalt trail and pedestrian bridge was built in the Alluvial Fan because it had become a popular visitor attraction.  A major flood event in 2013 destroyed the bridge and trail.

The project is being funded by $200,000 in federal funds as part of the Centennial Challenge program and is being matched by $200,000 from the Rocky Mountain Conservancy, the park’s nonprofit partner, which will also provide in-kind services from the RMC Youth Conservancy Corp.  

The bridge as it appeared shortly before been knocked down by flood waters/NPS


Beautiful trail follows the stream for miles (Fern Lake Trail??) to some beautiful lakes.

Sorry, you are thinking of some different trail. Alluvial Fan Trail goes nowhere, it's a very short car-hiker trail below the Lawn Lake Trail. Perhaps the moeny would be better spent re-building a real trail that actually GOES somewhere, there are plenty trails in need of work in RMNP.


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