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Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Launches Accessible Virtual Tours Of Historic Buildings

Sep 25th - 09:25am | ecbuck

The self directed touring does not have audio.  Click the video link below the self directed tour.  

Interior Department: Bang, Bang, Shoot 'Em Up!

Sep 25th - 09:25am | trailadvocate

Very well said, Alfred Runte!  The Hunter Gatherer roots run deep and as much as they may be glossed over by technolgy and the resulting detachment from the food chain taking it for granted many try and maintain the connections that fill a void.  Not for sissies:).

Sep 24th - 20:47pm | Anne Mooerw

Perhaps Zinke is taking aim at his next job: Executive Director of the NRA when Wayne LaPierre retires. Would be a significant increase in salary and perks.  

Sep 24th - 14:59pm | Alfred Runte

Lest we forget, Theodore Roosevelt personally boasted of killing 50,000 animals, many of them on our public lands. My files bulge with his hunting stories from all across the West, including Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. "Mr. President, when will you set aside this infantile need to shoot and kill living things?" asked John Muir. TR never did.

Sep 24th - 12:58pm | trailadvocate

Could a lot of this be a generational thing or even something on a bigger scale.  Plenty of room for multiple use and people's individual ways of experiencing the wild places.  The cacaphonous wining going on to get their own way and litigous income has certainly carried the day for some years now.

Sep 24th - 12:34pm | Kurt Repanshek

That would appear to be a collective celebration of all aspects and forms of outdoor recreation, EC, which makes the current secretary's efforts on behalf of hunting and fishing stand out even more...

Sep 24th - 12:09pm | ecbuck

We're still waiting for those "days" and "months" dedicated to hikers, RVers, campers, birdwatchers, outdoor photographers, and more. They already exist.

Sep 24th - 11:44am | Kurt Repanshek

EC and Wild, this post is not intended to disparage hunters or anglers. Indeed, they belong on the landscape.

Sep 24th - 10:35am | wild places

A slightly skewed picture as only 23.7 million wildlife viewers traveled away from their homes to do so. In addition, wildlife viewing can be done year round while hunting and fishing is generally limited to certain seasons.

Sep 24th - 09:35am | ecbuck

Zinke appears to have conveniently forgotten these particular visitors. And how exactly has he "forgotten" them?  I don't see anything he has done as impairing those particular visitors.  In fact other than baiting bears, I don't see anything particularly objectionable on Kurt's laundry list.   

Sep 24th - 08:59am | Lee Dalton

Thanks, Rebecca.  Your post this morning is as good as your photography.  

Sep 24th - 07:46am | Rebecca Latson ...

Zinke is a bit one-sided in his views, I think.  Hunting is all well and good, but, given your dollar figures listed above, even combined, that doesn't match the spending power of the regular hiker / photographer / backcountry backpacker / camper / skier / snowshoer / climber / paddler / red-or-yellow jammer bus rider / average tourist just spending a day or two in a national park.

Big Cypress National Preserve To Limit Secondary Off-Road Travel Indefinitely

Sep 25th - 08:47am | Earle Wilson

How many years for the "environmental review and analysis"?  

Friends Of Smokies, Appalachian Trail Conservancy String More Bear Cables In The Smokies

Sep 24th - 16:51pm | David Lane (Sq...

If I'd like to donate money to set up bear cables and would like to volunteer to help set some up, much does a system cost and how much does a setup weigh?

Traveler's View: How Much Of Secretary Zinke's Approach To Conservation Can Public Lands Tolerate?

Sep 24th - 06:00am | John D Lemons

If, as you say, Trumps administration's management is not terrible but only different from prior administrations, how do we know whether such management of, say, national parks and monument is "good."

Sep 23rd - 17:52pm | wild places

"Indeed, how much of this nonsense can our public lands absorb? "

Sep 22nd - 22:17pm | Lee Dalton Indeed, how much of this nonsense can our public lands absorb? 

Sep 20th - 09:36am | Lee Dalton

Thank you, John.  I think we are both correct in that I'm warning that there are possible dangers in an order from Zinke while you are pointing to means by which any rewrite of management policies might be opposed on legal grounds.  But my point is that Donald and Zinke could do a lot of damage by fiat if they decide to try it.  

Sep 20th - 06:09am | John D Lemons


Sep 19th - 23:38pm | Lee Dalton

John, the mission of the Park Service as stated in the Enabling Act is to "conserve, unimpaired . . . for the enjoyment of future generations."  BUT, the history of the Park Service has been to place most of the emphasis of park management on the side of conservation with enjoyment being somewhat secondary.

Sep 19th - 21:12pm | John D Lemons

The article states that Secretary Zinke...'scuttled a director's order signed by former Park Service Director Jon Jarvis last year that reaffirmed the agency's "predominant" duty as protecting natural and cultural resources.' Actually, the Secretary does not have administrative or legal authority to alter the primary mission of the NPS.

Island-Wide Curfew In Effect As St. John, Virgin Islands National Park Recover From Hurricane Maria

Sep 23rd - 19:35pm | wild places

While hard to find a silver lining to this one at least the hurricanes came close together. Imagine if the rebuilding was 1/2 complete and then was struck again.

Rebuilding Virgin Islands National Park After Hurricane Irma Won't Happen Overnight

Sep 23rd - 13:40pm | Melisa Sprangers

We have  house on St John in Fish Bay. We were very fortunate to have no damage to our house. Our son rode out both Irma and Maria and is safe.

Another Yellowstone National Park Wolf Reaches Colorado

Sep 23rd - 09:39am | Kurt Repanshek

Got any photos, MarkD?

Sep 23rd - 09:38am | MarkD

CONFIRMED sitings of pack killing cattle on Buffalo Creek Ranch.  Also watched resident North Park Antelpe herd between Rand and Wladen be pushed back into Wyoming by Wolves!!!!!  They are here, and have had a profounded negative affect on the amount of wildlife staying in the area!!!  No PC BS anymore.  They are here in numbers!!!!!!!

Time For New Uniforms For The National Park Service?

Sep 22nd - 19:06pm | tomp2

Today's monthly message to employees from David Bernhardt, Deputy Secretary of the Interior, led off with "time for uniforms to be updated" as his first example of what he's learned from Dept. employees.  Not sure if that is NPS, or BLM, FWS, BoR, etc.

Sep 19th - 18:06pm | Glad2bretired

Anybody else remember the short-lived Fashion World uniform contract experiment in the late '70's?  NPS uniforms could use some fine-tuning, but for the most part I agree that the uniform is iconic and should continue that way.  The National Park Service has other, more serious issues to which the agency should address its resources.

Individually, It Doesn't Cost A Lot For A Year's Worth Of National Park Stories

Sep 22nd - 19:06pm | tomp2

Al-- I think it's Kurt's call whether he wants commentators in his community badged or identified for chipping in.  Whether I'm agreeing or disagreeing with you, I don't think that the validity of my comments is better because I was able to chip in, or would be more valid if I were able to contribute more.

Sep 22nd - 15:24pm | Alfred Runte

Kurt. You're missing the boat here. What you need is a Steamtown Level, you know, for those readers who are all hot air. Perhaps that level could be 25 cents, or two bits as grandpa used to say. Then the hot-air crowd might feel they could afford it. I toot-tooted for The Traveler! At least I gave two bits!

Bison In The West: Yellowstone National Park's Brucellosis Stigma

Sep 22nd - 14:41pm | Denise Boggs

Fantastic coverage of this issue. I lived in Montana, in the GYE, for most of my life and the state of Montana is without a doubt to blame for this atrocity. Every year economic reports come out showing tourism is the number one income to Montana's economy (largely to visit YNP and see bison) and agricture, including ranching provides a measly 2%.

Sep 22nd - 08:03am | Rebecca Latson ...

This is an awesome article, from it's layout to the content!Montana is a state that not only relies upon hunting and ranching, but also tourism.  Would visitors to Montana be as interested as I am to see herds of wild roaming bison as part of the landscape so famous in that state?

Angels Landing In Zion National Park To Close For Yearly Cleaning

Sep 21st - 23:15pm | Siglin 1

I think I was wrong about making it one way. It is not a loop trail at the top. Sorry for the misinformation but I do remember it being very crowded in places.

Sep 21st - 18:00pm | Nat G

I recall a sign at the visitor center stating that something like 6 or 8 people had died on the trail in the last 10-15 years.I forget the details.  I was surprised how few had perished, especially considering how poorly prepared many of the hikers are. When I hiked it, I was surprised to see kids climbing with no water, some in flip flops etc.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Sep 21st - 17:02pm | Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest National Park is one of the most pet friendly parks in the system! We even have dog bowls on some of our drinking fountains.

UPDATE: Many Unknowns Surround Interior Secretary's National Monument Recommendations

Sep 21st - 14:27pm | d-2

It may be hard for you to imagine a list of comments more unrelentingly irrational than ec buck's retorts to Kurt. But think again. OF COURSE the monument review is a threat.

Sep 21st - 10:42am | argalite

Thank you d-2

Sep 20th - 15:00pm | Rick B.


Sep 20th - 11:58am | Lee Dalton

d-2 Wow! Bravo!

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road, Not A Good Place For Vertigo

Sep 21st - 08:40am | Lantern Guy

I've drove it a dozen times. When your driving, dont get distracted by the scenery. If you want to see that; Stop and look. Also the winds can be strong. Downshift and dont 'ride' the brakes all the way down. Use the brake firmly, then let up to gain speed, then apply again, then let up. This allows the brakes to cool.

Creature Feature: The Desert Tarantula Looks Big, Hairy, and Scary

Sep 21st - 00:39am | TREVINO

I just caught one today!  Was wondering about them... Thanks for the info! Very useful! 

Organ Pipe Cactus: A Sonoran Desert Treasure

Sep 20th - 23:07pm | tomp2

Nce summary, Kurt.  However, I'm very disappointed you didn't include pics of the road signs for Why, AZ when you passed through.  I see they've updated the old orange diamond Why signs with green rectangles, but still, photos at those signs are a tradition for visits to Organ Pipe.

UPDATE | Official: BLM Not Asked To Fact-Check Secretary Zinke's Monuments Draft

Sep 20th - 17:48pm | Yellowstone Ed

Please don't compare Teddy Roosevelt to Trump. He was very much in favor of protecting our national treasures.

Sep 20th - 14:32pm | Glad2bretired

The secretive manner in which this report was prepared, including deliberately excluding affected stakeholders (those who are not in the oil and gas industries), the dishonest rhetoric in its narrative, and the fore-mentioned factual errors are typical of how this Administration is making America great again. Yeah.

Sep 20th - 12:49pm | d-2

Well, no kidding.  The sloppy quality of this report just shows again how poorly staffed the Trump Administration is generally, and the Department of Interior specifically. Or maybe the sloppiness really reveals contempt for the conservation laws of the United States.

Sep 20th - 10:44am | Matt M

I hope Mr. Ruhs is eligible to retire after this truth telling because I'm sure our modern day Teddy Roosevelt is not going to take it easy on him.

Sep 20th - 09:27am | Lee Dalton

Mr. Ruhs will need to be added to the Endangered Species list now.  You can bet there will be repercussions against his honesty, professionalism and courage on this. 

Sep 20th - 06:34am | Rebecca Latson ...

And we should be surprised that facts weren't checked?  Nope.  Disheartened, yes, but not surprised.

UPDATE | Report: Interior Secretary Recommending Changes To 10 National Monuments

Sep 20th - 17:25pm | Lee Dalton

But we don't have a competent President.  Let's Make America Sane Again next time we cast our ballots. 

Sep 20th - 14:35pm | Glad2bretired

Secretary Zinke earns an "F" Grade with this farce, and a competent President would either tell him to re-do this report or fire him on the spot.

Sep 20th - 12:11pm | d-2

tomp2, thank you for the link to the Post of the the leaked copy, which you call a draft, of the Zinke recommendations to President Trump on the national monuments.  Through no fault of you own, it is an untruth that this is a "draft" document.

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