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PEER, National Park Foundation At Odds Over Foundation's Spending Habits

Nov 24th - 22:16pm | Ronald Hughes

I would like to see some transparency myself.  I received a survey but no way to express my thoughts on it. Very pointed to some other opinion .  I suppose for more political power that's perceived.

Attorneys General Oppose Surge Pricing Approach For National Park Admission

Nov 24th - 20:34pm | Dave

If they're so concerned about this why not also get the Hotel, Amusment, Industries .Let's not forget the Air travel companies also.

Nov 24th - 16:29pm | Alfred Runte

Black Friday sales are pegged at $682 billion. And Americans complain about paying more for their national parks? Funny thing, but all of that junk from China is selling well--especially the big TEE VEEs. But no, say the Attorneys General. Trump is pricing Americans out of their national parks! Now, if only we could price them out of Wal-Mart. That would be a plus.

Nov 24th - 10:53am | Jennifer

If there was a reasonable raise, like 10 percent fine. This is crazy. Only non US citizens should pay extra, since they do not pay taxes here.

Interior Department: Bang, Bang, Shoot 'Em Up!

Nov 24th - 18:52pm | [email protected]

arglite, thank you for your post. There is a great deal of information on the effects of lead poisening on wildlife eaily accessable on google. 

Nov 24th - 18:37pm | ecbuck

And your citation indicates the ban had no effect, as you already admitted.  If you don't see my citation, it is because you are too lazy, or afraid, to look.  

Nov 24th - 18:24pm | argalite

I am citing my source, I don't see yours.  I am citing the 5-year review by FWS in 2013.  I see you have words, but no citation, so they are meaningless

Nov 24th - 16:49pm | ecbuck

Argalite, I already did cite them in an earlier discussion we had on this topic.  But then you have already conceded: "the resitrictions have not yet had an effect....."

Nov 24th - 14:33pm | argalite

EC, if you have facts, cite them

Nov 24th - 13:25pm | argalite

Even with the high level of monitoring and treatment, lead exposure remains the leading cause of death in wild California condor populations. Of the 135 condor deaths from 1992 to 2009,biologists were able to establish a definitive cause in 76 individuals. In juveniles and adults, lead caused 26 and 67 percent of the deaths, respectively (Rideout et al. 2012).

Nov 24th - 13:25pm | argalite

There are a number of plausible explanations for why these restrictions have not yet had an effect on California condor blood lead levels. The law is limited in that it controls the use of lead ammunition only for big game and nongame hunting activity.

Nov 24th - 10:21am | Glad2bretired

We're still waiting for you to to provide "The facts" that the former ban on lead ammunition had no effect on Condor mortality.  Your "Evidence" that Condor deaths haven't been reduced or eliminated seems to be an opinion rather than based upon research.  Very little research has been done on this subject, and that which has been done has been criticized as poorly done.  If there

Nov 23rd - 13:41pm | ecbuck

are still dying of lead poisoning after eating animal carcasses containing spent lead ammunition,

Nov 23rd - 10:17am | SmokiesBackpacker

Recipe to garner the fox news vote: Pander to gun lobby (e.g. Roy Moore, Zinke), pander to Hezbollah wing of Evangelicals (e.g.

Nov 23rd - 09:15am | Glad2bretired

Where do you get the "...following the facts.

Nov 23rd - 08:26am | ecbuck

rescinding the lead ban before doing so shows his priorities Yep, following the facts.  Ten years - no impact. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 22nd - 10:17am | argalite

Promoting hunting is all well and good, but rescinding the lead ban before doing so shows his priorities

Nov 21st - 14:27pm | cheryl warren

take away the orange vest--give him a dark brown or black shirt---NO gun--turn him loose in the national park

An Extra Month To Comment On Interior Secretary Zinke's Surge Pricing Proposal For Parks

Nov 24th - 12:15pm | Marlene Miyasaki

If you buy the $80 year pass, you can visit any national park for the price of a couple of extra large pizzas!  I think it's a small price to pay. 

Nov 21st - 16:22pm | Mary Pena

Please do not increase the cost of the entrance fee to OUR National Parks!  These parks belong to ALL Americans and not just those who can afford to pay increased fees.  Raising the fees will result in less park attendance and thereby reduce revenues. Maybe an alternative would be to add a small surcharge at the restaurants, lodging, and gift shops.    

UPDATED: Interior Secretary Zinke To Be Investigated For Threats To Alaska Senators

Nov 23rd - 19:27pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Just Four Days Left To Comment On Proposed Surge Pricing For National Parks

Nov 22nd - 09:34am | Glad2bretired

Tam, the lifetime Senior Pass was increased from $10 to $80 this year.  Do you want to raise it again?

Nov 21st - 18:06pm | Tam

I totally understand raising the park fees, for particular parks.  The ones most heavily visited and being worn down.  I believe the entrance fee is for the car load, and actually good for a week, so those camping for a while still get an amazing deal.  It would encourage annual passes and I'd be fine if I have my annual pass and the select parks put a premium on the visit, but l

Nov 21st - 17:05pm | Rick B.

Me too

Nov 21st - 13:01pm | Ann

I just left a comment but it looks like the comment period has been extended to 12/22.

Nov 21st - 07:52am | Jill Waldon

sad...our Parks, a true American treasure that needs to be accessible to all income levels..

Nov 21st - 05:53am | Mary Alice Boyle

i live the National Parks. I visited four this summer and bought an annual pass. Worth every penny. Now the pass will increase by 30%. This cost will be prohibitive for many people, especially families with children and retirees. The park belong to all of us and should be priced so average Americans can afford the price of admission. I am sure there are other ways to raise revenue.

Nov 20th - 15:23pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Our comments will have ZERO bearing on these fees.  Public comments have never mattered to the NPS.  But I expressed mine nonetheless.

Nov 20th - 14:07pm | glad2bretired

Joshua, there is no hypocrisy here.  NPT is a non-profit charitable entity performing a public service by publicizing issues related to the National Park Service.  Many of these issues are seriously under-reported in the media.  The National Park entrance fee increases are, in my opinion, excessive.  Especially coming at the same time the Federal Government is drastically re

Nov 20th - 13:24pm | Anonymous

You can't see Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosrmite, Desth Valley etc in a day.   

Nov 20th - 12:35pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Actually, Joshua (or Ponzi McFlower or whoever you are called in real life), it's op-ed.  The editor-in-chief of this site was stating his opinons about surge pricing, for legitimate reasons.  If you read the entire article and read past articles, then you'd understand those reasons, even if you don't agree with them.  This site allows for commentary by anybody, and it's not funded by the feder

Nov 20th - 12:24pm | Kurt Repanshek

Joshua, thanks for raising this issue. The Traveler is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit media organization. We are not tied to the federal government, we receive no tax revenues, but rather depend on contributions from readers and grants from foundations and organizations.

Nov 20th - 11:35am | Rick B.

Joshua - please expand and connect your logic? Kurt is independent here, he needs donations, and he isn't hypocritical.

Nov 20th - 10:56am | tvlberry


Nov 20th - 10:04am | Joshua

The height of hypocrisy is whining about proposed park fee increases only to request donations for "Independent" journalism.

Nov 20th - 09:45am | Darin

Secretary Zinke,

The Congressional Anti-Parks Caucus In Power

Nov 21st - 14:32pm | S.M. Trudeau

You may as well add Rep. Tom Emmer, Republican, MN for his stand on copper sulfite mining in the BWCA watershed (with it's close proximity to Voyageurs N.P.) and the bill he introduced that will allow a foreign company to come in and start mining without an EIS.

What To Make Of The Alt Movement Today?

Nov 21st - 14:29pm | Zb39

Normal nutjobs,  they should maybe go out and get real jobs,  actually do something to contribute to the country.  Instead of trying to tear everything down.  So very sad..

Nov 20th - 16:12pm | micah Morrison

I'm the chief investigative reporter for Judicial Watch and have investigated Democrats and Republicans for decades. I wrote a book about Yellowstone National Park. Earlier this year, a concerned citizen from Greater Yellowstone contacted me about "Ominous Ann" and the AltYellowstoneNatPark Twitter account.

Nov 20th - 12:52pm | Retired_NPS_Person

In my opinion, the main premise and question of the article is not only valid but timely.  The ALT gov sites popped-up as critics of the Trump administration providing information and resistance to inform the public of the administration's political agenda.

Nov 20th - 09:56am | Joan Anzelmo

Oh hey there "Ann Ominous" or "Ominous Ann" or "Marcus Aurelius Modified" or whatever name you are going by at the moment. Ominous Ann/Ann Ominous, running the Twitter @AltYelloNatPark account is not a female or a Yellowstone National Park Employee employee or representing a group of park employees and scientists in around Yellowstone. His Twitter profile is a masquerade.

Nov 20th - 08:37am | Rporter610

Joan, you sound like a bitter Republican who doesn't want the public or park supporters to fight back against the Trump Administration's attempts to reduce the size of parks and monuments, allow oil drilling, weaken the ESA, etc.  I support all the Alt park sites that are trying to get real science out to the public.

Nov 20th - 06:58am | Joe K.

I don't know why most people assume these accounts are legit. When they first started I saw a number of posts with British spelling (i.e. "colour," "centre," etc.). Virtually impossible to prove someone's location on social media.

Nov 20th - 00:45am | Glad2bretired

A good reason to thoroughly research any cause, however noble appearing, that is asking for money.

Nov 19th - 22:01pm | [email protected]

Thank you Joan Anzelmo for your informative post, I share your concerns. 

Op-Ed | Volunteers In The National Parks

Nov 21st - 13:10pm | tahoma

@wild places:  I was never aware of union dues or any union activities in the western parks where I worked; I doubt park unions as powerful as you suggest have sprung up in the 15 years since my retirement.

Nov 21st - 12:08pm | Rick B.

Which union is that?

Nov 21st - 11:19am | wild places

I imagine there is also a great deal of resistance from the union to utilizing volunteers. It is in our state and county whenever they try to add more volunteer positions in the parks.

Nov 20th - 07:49am | Rebecca Latson ...

Volunteers are great ... as long as they have the right temperment, are dedicated and responsible and possess the right training.

C&O Canal Park Ranger Honored For Interpretation And Eduction Excellence

Nov 21st - 12:53pm | Rick B.

Well done.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide