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Op-Ed | President Trump, Please Read ‘Desert Solitaire’

Feb 24th - 11:16am | Alfred Runte

Now, now. You should all live in Washington State, where our (honest) legislature--by whopping margins--just exempted itself from public scrutiny. Both of my (liberal) reps and (liberal) senator voted Yes!! No public hearings; no floor debate. It was introduced and passed in two days.

Feb 23rd - 20:16pm | [email protected]

Alfred, as usual an interesing post. I was surprised about your comment on the current President, "I find Trumps honesty, if not his behavior, anything but worrlsome." I must admit I am perplexed by the statement. 

Feb 23rd - 18:04pm | Kurt Repanshek

Easy folks, easy...

Feb 23rd - 18:03pm | Rick B.

ANYone finding Trump "honest" is beyond comprehension. He is a compulsive and inveterate liar.

Feb 23rd - 18:02pm | ecbuck

reasoning why was something about icebergs Probably didn't use models that predicted they would be all gone like Al Gore did.   

Feb 23rd - 17:46pm | argalite

Speaking of the President, I heard what he thought of climate change, and his reasoning why was something about icebergs, but it wasn't a real sentence.  I have not heard why he wants to pollute the air and water yet, nor allow pesticides that should not be around to linger, but I'm sure he will have his own reasoning.

Feb 23rd - 16:15pm | Alfred Runte

I dunno, Lee. I find Trump's honesty--if not his behavior--anything but worrisome. He tells you exactly what he thinks--and why. I thought he was great with the kids and parents the other day. He listened attentively while they cut their government a you-know-what. Down in Olympia today, the Dems are doing just the opposite. We want censorship--and you will like it. What do they have to hide?

Feb 23rd - 12:31pm | Lee Dalton

You're right, Al.  BOTH parties have betrayed us -- but from my standpoint, it's the GOP that's most worriesome.  

Feb 23rd - 10:46am | Alfred Runte

Lee. If you want to start piling up "nonsense" both political parties have much to offer. Let's see what the Dems are up to this morning in Olympia now that they hold a majority in the Washington State Legislature. Oh, no! They wish "to remove themselves from the state's Public Records Act," as just reported in The Seattle Times? Now, why would they want to do that?

Feb 21st - 20:22pm | Lee Dalton

Glad -- and others -- the highlighted paragraph is not mine.  It came from the Coalition.  It's a perfect description of this nonsense and that's why I shared it.   

Feb 21st - 19:38pm | Glad2bretired

Lee, LOL!  How can Secretary Zinke claim that "All of us" at Interior are working hard to deliver positive outcomes "For real people", when he has publicly complained that "30%" of Interior employees are not loyal "To the flag"?  You and I would most likely not be considered "Real people" by this narcissist.  Zinke's self-contradictions and misconceptions are stunning, and his pr

Feb 21st - 10:32am | GLA

Has Trump ever even spent and time (much less hiked) in a national park or monument?  His idea of "getting out there" seems to be to ride around in a golf cart.

Feb 21st - 09:30am | Lee Dalton

This is from the Coalition to Protect Our National Parks: 

Feb 20th - 21:17pm | Rick B.

Amazing how many respected economists feel that the Republicans repepitive chant of "tax cuts tax cuts" is a mistake, especially when it is mostly for the large businesses.

Feb 20th - 19:17pm | ecbuck

I don't believe a word of it You don't have to blindly believe it.  Do some research.  Look at the years the tax cuts were made and look at the tax receipts before and after.   There is nothing broad or general about it.  No propaganda,  it is 100% specific and factual. Unfotunately for you, it doesn't support what you would like to believe.

Feb 20th - 18:42pm | Rick B.

Thanks for the polite answers. I don't believe a word of it but thanks for those broadly general answers. It is really sad to think that you believe this propaganda yourself, but that's really to be expected I suppose. Have a smurfy day.

Feb 20th - 18:23pm | Alfred Runte

General federal income tax cuts are looking to expand the pie. I do hope it works, EC. Here in Washington State, our "electeds" are doing everything they can to get our money before we get it.

Feb 20th - 17:46pm | ecbuck

We just got to keep the company "here" instead of "there."

Feb 20th - 17:42pm | ecbuck

Rick - After each major tax rate cut.  After Kennedy's, after Reagans, after Clinton's and after Bush's.   

Feb 20th - 16:02pm | Alfred Runte

Well, EC. Not entirely. When Governor Inslee (D) cut Boeing's taxes there was no increase in the collection box. We just got to keep the company "here" instead of "there."

Feb 20th - 15:57pm | Rick B.


Feb 20th - 14:57pm | ecbuck

On the ground, Rick, tax rate cuts have led to higher tax collections.  Just as intended.  

Feb 20th - 14:31pm | Alfred Runte

Here in Washington State, tax rate cuts are used to keep Mr. Gates, Mr. Bezos, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Boeing "happy." After all, without them they threaten to leave. Not to make this partisan, but all tax rate cuts granted since January 1, 1985, have been approved/advanced by Democrat governors. Simply, January 1, 1985, was the last time a Republican governor held that office.

Feb 20th - 13:44pm | Rick B.

 That may be the 'aim', but I've yet to see the difference, other than in the minds of partisans. I did not ask about intent, which could be anything [ask any kid who is punished by a parent who says, "This hurts me more than you. You need to see the error of your ways"]. I asked how it has played out on the ground.

Feb 20th - 12:51pm | ecbuck

Tax cuts would be aimed at reducing total taxes collected.  Tax rate cuts are aimed at stimulating economic activity resulting in an overall increase in tax collections.  

OIG: National Park Service Official Created Appearance Of Using His Position For Personal Gain

Feb 24th - 09:34am | Interesting

 Tired brings up good points. It is a historic house that is demo'd and unlivable. Were the alterations approved by the State Historic Preservation Office? The review is not mentioned.

Construction Starts In March To Expand Delicate Arch Parking Lot At Arches National Park

Feb 23rd - 15:06pm | iamthedarkranger

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UPDATED: Fly A Drone In A National Park, Be Barred For Life From That Park

Feb 23rd - 14:46pm | chiefdeck

sorry for repeat

Feb 23rd - 08:04am | nelson decker

I have been flying drones for 5+ years. I am an avid photographer and bought my first one to take to the Grand Canyon, thought it would make for some spectacular images. this was back when there were no laws/regulations about their use in the parks. 5 minutes after flying for first time in my yard, I told myself no way would I ever fly this in a park.

Musings Of A Lint-Picking Troglodyte

Feb 22nd - 21:50pm | Rick B.

Nice article, Lee. I love that, as usual, you put the focus on the ordinary guy doing his job.  

Feb 22nd - 19:51pm | [email protected]

Great post Lee, thank you.

Feb 22nd - 19:15pm | Lee Dalton

Oh, Rats! I just learned that I confused the captions of the photos of the Dimmick boys.  Isaac is two and Eli is the big brother.  Eli is a lot tougher than I am.  He was doing some of the most uncomfortable work in the cave when he was working with his hands wet in chilly water. Eli, I'm sorry.   

Feb 22nd - 19:06pm | Anonymous

Thanks Kurt and Lee. It's nice to read a happy story sometimes here.

Feb 22nd - 07:25am | Snochasr

Is there some reason we don't all walk through some giant vacuum-cleaner chamber before entering, to pick off most of the loose stuff?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Considering Solar Power For Cades Cove

Feb 22nd - 16:53pm | David G Simerly

You managed to skip the cost of said system but only covered what you will save.  

The War On Science: Who’s Waging It, Why It Matters, What We Can Do About It

Feb 22nd - 10:43am | argalite


Feb 22nd - 09:22am | Mather Forever

The principles of DO 100 will continue to guide the actions of the NPS, with or without the Director's Order.   The integration of natural and cultural resources management has long been practiced - DO 100 memorialized this practice.  DO 100 should have been issued earlier than 2016 and it might not have been such a target.  

Feb 22nd - 07:44am | Snochasr

It's that same old bait-and-switch, where we find some weather and claim it is "climate" and then immediately claim that as proof that humans are causing it.  All the while telling us that "weather is not climate."  Why do you think they started calling it "climate change" instead of "global warming"?  Why did the glaciers melt at the end of the last Ice Age, coal burning power p

Feb 22nd - 07:34am | Snochasr

Arrhenius is right, but only in general.  Unfortunately for the 1% or so of scientists that actually believe human CO2 is driving us to catastrophe, he didn't do the math.  The computer models themselves, as erroneous as they are, predict exactly the opposite.  All of our efforts to reduce CO2, according to those models, will lower global temperatures by between 1/100 and 3/10 of

Feb 22nd - 00:30am | Grizz

It serves no purpose to argue with pronouncements from people with no scientific credentials who make such absolute statements about science when almost every scientist in the world accepts that climate change is real and is caused by human activity. We have known that CO2 is a greenhouse gas since the late 1800s based on the work of Svante Arrehnius.

Feb 21st - 21:03pm | wild places

Science of course does matter but anyone who thinks science isn't routinely manipulated and perverted for personal or political gain has never worked in the field. Sometimes it is the scientists themselves and other times it is their supervisors but sadly it happens every day.

Feb 21st - 19:10pm | ecbuck

And from the same source: Using anecdotal evidence is ignorant.  Manipulating data should be criminal.  

Feb 21st - 17:13pm | tahoma

Meanwhile, in the real world:

Feb 21st - 10:48am | ecbuck

The war on science is being waged by the so called "scientists"  

Feb 21st - 08:50am | Snochasr

Wow, a whole book about supporting science, and totally perverting science in the process.  There is ZERO scientific proof that Catastrophic Manmade Climate Change is anything other than "the most successful pseudoscientific hoax in history."  And it is really so simple as to how this massive deception has been carried out.  We see "proof of Climate Change" everywhere and then we

President's Budget, Infrastructure Plan Carry "Poison Pills" For National Parks, Public Lands

Feb 21st - 11:14am | GLA

Agreed.  This is not the appropriate forum for such discussions.  I'm surprised the site administrator allows it.  

Traveler's Five Picks For New National Parks

Feb 21st - 10:30am | Ray Smith

I think that the ancient forest national park would be an amazing addition to California and Oregon. Howver, I believe some other great locations would be another small national park in the Sierra Nevadas, or the White Mountains in Arizona, where elk and the endagered mexican gray wolves live. 

NRA Official Lands Seat On National Park Foundation Board

Feb 21st - 09:07am | Allison

The fox has just been given a key to the henhouse. 

Halfway Through Winter, Sperry Chalet Skeleton Still Standing In Glacier National Park

Feb 20th - 22:21pm | Danielle McNeely

My family was fortunate enough to spend the first night that Sperry was open for the summer of 1974.

Feb 20th - 15:47pm | Jane Alverson

Have you had the great privilege of staying there?  If so, you'll understand why so many donated to rebuild it.  If not, there is something just so magical about being there.  No "modern" building has the character of Sperry, especially after the hike up. Even rebuilt, it will retain that character.  If you don't care, don't go there.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide